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Master of Fine Arts Graphic Design,
Diplom Designerin fh
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The Raven
book design / typographic interpretation of a
poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Concept / Design / Photography
by Sarah Hartwig

Thanks to Jon Craine, who challenged me to deal with this great poem.

The Raven is characterized by conceptional illustration, unique shaped letters, as well as a delicate but striking type treatment and an unusual book size, inspired by the wings of a bird.

Composition and overall arrangement of the text is crucial. In fact, it's the major central "element" of this creation. I chose to release the text from it's strict form, and let the strophes breathe. Everything follows the sound of language as I perceived it, precisely why I have used unsuspected spacing between single letters and words, and white space to create a powerful design.

The letters N - e - v - e - r - m - o - r - e
arise from the shaping of black feathers.