Sarah Hartwig
Master of Fine Arts Graphic Design,
Diplom Designerin fh
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all artwork and photos copyright
Sarah Hartwig 2011

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New Year's greeting card
Kultur beflügelt
culture gives you wings

Calligraphy + Design
Copyright Sarah Hartwig

The calligraphic piece simply consists of one single word: 'culture', though you'll see it in many different languages. Close inspection reveals not only German and English, but also Finnish, Turkish and Spanish are here to be discovered. Eventually it merges into the abstract shape of wings.

The hand lettering turns out to be the centerpiece and heart of the overall design, offering an original and profound visual solution. Additionally, the sensitive color choice vastly defines the entire look and feel. The design is immersed in glowing gold, rich blue, and a little bit of frosty white to create a solemn and cheerful mood.

KVPB - Kulturverein Prenzlauer Berg e.V. Berlin

The New Year's greeting card / 2011/ has been designed for KVPB, a cultural association in Berlin, Germany. Many thanks for the cooperation.